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Specialists in the installation and maintenance of Heat Recovery Ventillation & Air Exchange Systems

Installation of HRV & Heat Exchanger Systems

Maintenance and Servicing of HRV Systems

Air Duct Cleaning

HRV 10 Point Service Plan

Your Heat Recover Ventilation (HRV) Specialist

Serving St. John's & Northeast Avalon

HRV Installation & Service 

Rid your home of the pollutants and contaminants resulting from excessive moisture, toxic building materials and regular household products.

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Air Duct Cleaner

Air Duct Cleaning 

Your air duct system could be contaminated with particulates that can be harmfuL to your families health.  Our state of the art video inspection system gets deep inside your ducts. 

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10 Point Service Plan 

The Clean Air Solutions 10 Point Service Plan will keep your HRV / Heat Exchange System working as it should. For best results annual HRV servicing is recommended,

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2017 Winner 

Clean Air Solutions has been selected as the 2017 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Duct Cleaning in St. John's, NL

Recommended HRV Settings

Spring | Mid-June

Turn your wall control to a high setting (above 70)

Fall | Mid-October

Turn your wall control back to its regular setting (usually 45)

Every 3 Months

Remove & Clean Filters 

Clean Exterior Vents


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