10 Point Service Plan for HRV & Heat Exchange Systems

Maintaining your HRV & Heat Exchange System

The Clean Air Solutions 10 Point Service Plan will keep your HRV / Heat Exchange System working as it should to improve the air quality in your home. For best results annual HRV servicing is recommended.

Our 10 Point Service Plan includes:

  • Remove and clean core and filters.
  • Remove fans and clean housing and fan blades.
  • Clean exterior vents and reseal if required.
  • Check defrost damper and cold air sensor
  • Check air flows and re-balance as required.
  • Check duct system and reseal where necessary in accessible areas.
  • Check the wall control and advise homeowner of proper settings.
  • Remove ceiling or wall grills and clean.
  • Clean duct work around ceiling grills if required.
  • Report any defects in the Heat Exchange System to homeowner.

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